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Vishu festival

Vishu festival

Thehe various Hindu festivals of Kerala, Vishnu occupy a unique position in more than one respect. As a symbol of volatile Kerala, Vishu is free from ordinary pomp and joy associated with shows and other festivals.

Vishu festival
Vishu festival
The first day of the Malayalam month is an unchanging day of Vishnu, while other festivals are determined according to the asteroids which they fall on. The day Vishnu falls, it is the celestial New Year's day and it is celebrated in this way.

Malayalis believes that the year depends on the nature of fate which first sees the morning of the Vishu Divas. In order to fulfill the desire to see the auspicious essays, they prepare 'Kani' (one omen) in the morning to see the next morning. Next item is giving handsel (Kai Nitam). The eldest members of the family take some silver coins and give them some raw rice and kona povu (golden house flower) to the junior member.
Vishu festival
Vishu festival image
It is also repeated in the case of other members and they in turn handles their juniors, relatives, servants etc. After this the children begin to set fire to crackers.

Rituals and Customs of Vishu Festival

The festival of Vishnu follows the beginning of the new year of Malayali and festivals are celebrated in the vicinity of Tamilnadu. According to Indian astrological calculations, Vishu Din Zodiac sign marks the transit of the Sun in Mesaraashi.

Traditional people of Kerala celebrated Vishnu festival and celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. There are many traditions that have been followed by different generations or people and there are some customs which have been practiced for the past few years. All the Vishnu traditions and customs mentioned here are traditions and customs.

Particular sight

The traditional name Vishukkani comes from the Malayalam word "kani", which literally means "which is seen first". So the name Visukhkanu means "which is seen in the first Vishu".

Under this tradition of Vishukhi, a set list of items is collected and people see it in the first thing in the morning of Vishnu. This tradition is celebrated by celebrating Vishnu festival with the conviction that good things in the new year work as a lucky attraction and bring good luck for the whole year.

Uruli Ball is an open open shallow spherical vessel made out of metal. Behind this vessel, a metal mirror is known as Valkakanadi and an image of Lord Krishna is kept. Two standing oil lamps are placed in front of the god.

On the day of Vishpuli, (Vishu on the morning of the day) is a tradition of getting up early and going to the worship room with eyes so that the person who can see the first thing is the glorious view of God with the Vishkkini, the reflected mirror. This ritual is known as Kanikanal.

It is also considered to be reading verses from the Ramayana or Bhagwat-Geeta after seeing it. According to the customs of the Vishnu festival, the page will be opened in the coming year, there will be a relationship with someone's life.


After performing one of the first rituals of Vishnu festival, all the members of the family shower, Shushkhani, and wear new clothes to collect Vishukenematam. It is an exercise to distribute money in the form of coins. Giving coins or notes to elderly youth of the family.

Some rich families will not give money to their children but will also pay their neighbors, servants etc. In this belief, people fulfill this tradition that in this way their children will be blessed with future prosperity.


Vishu is not celebrated with traditional rituals, but is also filed with customs of the feast. In addition to jackfruit, mango, pumpkin and other seasonal vegetables and fruits, special dishes are prepared using gourd. There are approximately equal proportion of sweet, salty, sour and bitter items in food items. Popular festival recipes include 'Vappampurasam' (Neem's bitter preparation), Kanji (beverages made from rice, spices and coconut milk) and 'Mampajapachi' (a sour common soup).

Importance Of Celebrating Vishu Festival

Kerala's original people see Vishu with many colorful rituals. This festival is a symbol of prosperity and is a festival of crops. On Vishnu's day, the sun enters the zodiac sign and the amount of day and night is equal.

The importance of Vishu festival is to start right. The importance of mythology is that Lord Krishna killed the demon Narkasur on this day and hence the reason for Vishnu festival is a celebration of this victory.

A good crop brings happiness to the common people and it means that their barn will be filled. Vishu is celebrated to pray for a good and prosperous year.

The first sight in Vishu Morning is Vishnukani and includes a part of a well-organized good crop in Uruli. Vegetables in Uruli, fruits especially jackfruit, cucumber, mango, half cut coconut, glass full rice, traditional Kerala costumes, which set Mundu, Betel leaf, metal mirror, coconut, gold coins are arranged before the image of Lord Vishnu .

Important aspect of Vishu is also about the bondage within the family. The festival known as Sada is eaten by the whole family and gets together among the members. Elders give money to young people because it is brought in luck and prosperity. Small members touch the stages of the elderly and take blessings. This tradition of giving money to the youth is known as Vishnukanetam.

Vishukodi, a new dress is an integral part. In the olden times when farming was the main source of income, then there were limited opportunities to buy new clothes. Along with the changing scenario, Vishu still has the tradition of buying new clothes.

More than Diwali, fireworks are widely used in Vishnu. The whole family gathers to enjoy it and hence the bond becomes stronger. Vishu is about to thank God for asking for his blessings.

In small villages, men and women wear dresses wearing a skirt of masks on dried leaves and face. Then they go home from home and collect prizes for their performance
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