Saraswati puja festival

Saraswati puja 

Puja Saras Puja is usually held in January-February and it is also called Vasant Panchami (the fifth day of spring) and it marks the end of winter and the arrival of spring. Saraswati is the Goddess of learning and such festival is celebrated with enthusiasm by the students of the school and college to pray for success in their academic work.

Saraswati puja
Saraswati puja
Thousands of mud idols are worshiped in academic institutions in public places and houses. The next day the idols are taken in a dip in rivers, ponds and oceans and are immersed.

This immersion of idols is a common feature of all the festivals in which they are established for worship. In some places, immersion cake is the third, 5th, or 7th day of worship.

How to perform Saraswati Puja

Wake up early in the morning and take a bath in water, leaving some neem leaves and basil leaves. Before bathing, some people apply neem and turmeric paste on their body, it is believed that the skin has very good medicinal effects. After bath, wear white or yellow clothes. Clean the house and worship place.

Gather the family members and work for a team to prepare for the worship. Preparation of worship includes cleaning of mind and heart. During the worship, a peaceful atmosphere should be run in the house.

What is needed

An idol or picture of a masala Saraswati, installed a urn (copper pot with pure water with perfumed ingredients and spices - a bunch of common leaves cast from top - coconut kept on set - turmeric paste, sandal paste, kumkum and decorated flowers) A white cloth, aromatic flowers, bell petra, common leaves, turmeric paste, sandal paste, kumkum, lamp, oil, vic, camphor, sun rod, betel leaves, bad grass, fruits, coconut, holi colors, books and Prepare some good dishes at the end of the puja.


The person who performs the worship must be in the morning bath. Before bathing, one should apply a mixture of neem and turmeric paste on his body. It is said that this ritual purifies the body.

After this, idol and urn should be kept on a clean platform on a white cloth. To decorate it with turmeric, kumkum, rice, garland and flowers. You can also keep your books, ink pot, pen or any other thing (like a musical instrument, paint brush etc.) to give Goddess some color to the Saraswati. Fill the vase with water, place a spig of five common leaves, put a belt leaf on it. You should also keep a statue of Ganesha with the idol of Saraswati.

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