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Phulaich festival

Phulaich festival

The Phulaich fair is organized every year in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is organized in the month of September in Kinnaur district. Although the State of Himachal Pradesh is famous for its fairs and festivals, especially for the feeling of its local people. The phulaich fair is the best of its kind in Himachal Pradesh.

According to the Hindu calendar, it is organized in the month of Bhadrapad, which spreads the monsoon. The fair is basically associated with the festival of flowers showing the flower of Ukeyang in Kinnaur Valley.

Phulaich festival
Phulaich festival
The Phulaich Festival, also called the Phulaich Festival, is associated with the task of remembering those who have died. During the fair, the village comes alive. Participants of colorful stalls and surrounding areas increased the venue during the festival. There is a proper taste for tourists or outside visitors

The Phulaich Mela or Fulaich is celebrated with great enthusiasm by local people of the fair place. Festivals usually start with the villagers who go to the top of the mountain and collect the flowers of the villagers. The villagers also sacrifice animals. The fair is linked to the task of remembering the people who have passed, and in this way relatives give their liquor, rice and food to the dead, which are later divided among the poor.

After this ritual, the villagers gather to visit the house of the Dhanangpa family and to show their respect by wearing garlands to family members. Apart from this, the people of the village are playing drums and bubbles flying to congratulate the heroic team who is climbing the top of the hill to collect flowers.

In the proper number of dances by the people of the village, the scenes of the ancient warriors are shown with the weapons of war.

History of phulaich festival

On the special day (16th day of the Hindu month of 'Bhadrapad'), Ten Rajputs (with the warrior family) climbed to choose some wonderful and influential flowers.

He spent all day and the next day on the beautiful hill of colorful flowers.

The batch of Rajputs came back with the classification of flowers and fragrances. Sweet aroma was really attractive. The people who were experiencing the smell for the first time felt very excited and excited. The villagers, who visited the famous forests for these sweet and aromatic flowers, fell in love with the aroma of the mind-boggling flowers and blossoming flowers. The universe was fascinating around and the power to mess up the mind and spirit. All residents danced and celebrated with charismatic music under the pine trees on the 18th night. This horrible festival of Himachal Pradesh continues for one week.

The return of the villagers was celebrated as a flower festival. The varieties and varieties of rich wild flowers are the main attractions and attractions of the festival.
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