Onam festival

Onam festival

Onam is the national celebration of the state of Kerala. A legend of Onam is about the sweet memories of distant past when a famous emperor of Asuras (demons) ruled Mahabali on Kerala.

His period is considered as a golden era in the history of the country. A popular folk song tells the glory of that period. When Mahabali (Maveli) used to rule, all the men were equal, they were living the life of happiness and there was no disaster for anybody - thus the song goes away.

Neither was dishonest nor fraud, nor was there an example of false accent, use of counterfeit measures or other types of unfair practice. True harmony, communal and otherwise, prevail. In short, it was an ideal welfare state, the legend tells us. But Devas got angry with Mahabali's rule because his popularity was deteriorating dangerously.

They complained to Lord Vishnu and they reincarnated in the form of Vaman - Dwarves.

Onam festival
Onam festival dance
He contacted Mahabali and urged for three feet of land. Mahabali gave instant desire to Vaman. Suddenly, the dwarf size vomited in the sky and covered the sky with the earth and the other with one step.

There is no place to keep the third phase, Mahabali presented his head. Vaman placed his foot on the head of Mahabali and pushed it into Pathlam (Pathlam). But before sending Mahabharatha to Mahabharata, Lord Vishnu boiled to Mahabali that he could go to his subjects once a year.

On the day the Mahabali visits his subjects, he is celebrated as Onam. The time of their annual visit is in the first Malayalam month of Chingam (August-September) and this opportunity became Jubilee in the whole country, reminding Mahabali's rich time.

Onam festival
Onam festival
Whatever is true behind this legend, Onam has done a grand national harvest festival for the last several centuries in which all the sections of the people participate with the Extreme Jubilee.

Onam festival duration

The festival should start with the moon's asteroid, which falls ten days before the asteroid of Thiruvonam. Preparation for the festival begins at the eleventh day. Tyuruvanam is the most important day of the festival. Athapuavu (floral decoration) in the yard in front of the house has been built from first to thiruvonam for ten days. Gifts are distributed to young members of the family. Then follow the Onam feast of delicious food on the plant leaves.

The members of the family, by staying away from the original places, make it a point to celebrate the festival of their kith and relatives in the houses of their ancestors. Keralites celebrate Onam by organizing community festivals, cultural programs, etc. After the festival, there will be sports and games in both indoor and outdoor, in which men and women of all ages participate Mock fighting, ball games, cards and chess games are the favorites of men, while women enjoy happiness in Ojtalattam, Thambithullal, Tiruvathirakali, Kakotkali etc.

The boat race (Regatta) also makes another item of Onam festival, which attracts thousands of people including tourists. Out of state State government also initiates to celebrate Onam Season as a weekend tourism festival with the motive of attracting tourists. Various cultural forms, old and new are presented in all the important cities of the state during the festival.

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