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Goncha Festival

Goncha festival

Goncha Festival is Lord Jagannath's Rath Yatra (chariot) festival, which is similar to Puri Rath Yatra (chariot). This is the second largest charioteer after Puri. The word nondha is taken from the word gundicha in Puri. This annual festival is celebrated in Bastar in the Ashad Shukla diitiya (second day in the bright fortnight of Ashad (June-July) month).

Goncha Festival
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Three different chariots are built for Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Subhadra. After Puri, Lord Jagannath is the second largest chariot in the world. Chariots are made by a separate tribal community.

Celebrating the Goncha Festival

Goncha festival mainly reflects the cultural traits of the tribal community which are gathered from different parts of Bastar. The festival exhibits the rich culture of tribal people in the region. Various traditions and apparel are associated with the celebration of Gonko festival.

In Chhattisgarh, the Gancha festival is organized every year with great enthusiasm and high spirit. Goncha, one type of fruit and trunk, which means that a bamboo is used as a celebration device. A dummy pistol with a fake pistol is made of trunky. Bamboo gun is used as a weapon and fruit gonch is used as a bullet. Traditional tradition is to hit each other in a fake shootout to mark the tradition of Berta tribal. This encounter is very entertaining for the audience and is also the source of unlimited happiness to see each person as well as to participate in the event.

The Ganga Festival brings fresh enthusiasm and emotion and keeps people alive who are already ready for the festival. Tourists get a chance to become part of the festival, which is unique in this way. When people celebrate festivals, people are tied in their traditional sense and drown. The Goma Festival in Chhattisgarh is marked by the greeting of good wishes and brotherhood.

It also exhibits the indispensable tribal culture of Bastar. Strong and enthusiastic bliss that marks the Goncha Festival is remarkable. The enthusiasm and heartfelt feeling of the tribes from different parts of Bastar participating in this festival are unbelievable.

People play with Tupki (small pistol) in honor of Lord Jagannath. This pistol made of bamboo and penguin fruits is used as a bullet. In the shape of a pistol, a bamboo stick is cut and there is a fruit to attack each. It is not intended to hurt anyone, but to be a part of a fake encounter. The people of Bastar used to dance in front of the chariot.

As part of the Rath Yatra, the gods of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Subhadra are taken out in the procession in Gundicha temple (Sirsara) and they remain there for nine days. Then the Gods or the Rath Yatra returns to the Jagannath temple. Return journey is known as brave goncha. The enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the people of Bastar during the celebration of this festival are commendable. If you go to Jagdalpur at the time of the Ganoka Festival, then you can become a part of the festival.

Time to celebrate the Gancha Festival in Chhattisgarh

According to the Hindu Calendar, during the Rath Yatra, the festival of Goncha is celebrated. It usually falls in the month of July according to the Gregorian calendar. If you go to Chhattisgarh state at the time of Ganoka Festival, then you can become a part of the festival.
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